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Introducing The Tornado Thinking Toolkit—your whimsical guide to untangling life's knottiest problems, with a flair for the dramatic and a sprinkle of the absurd!

We could talk until your ears bleed or you can experience...

A Spiraling Speculation

I just read an article on The Guardian titled 'Pakistani breast milk bank closes after Islamic clerics withdraw approval' and I've got Thinknado brewing to tackle this head-scratcher!

The Challenge

How might we create a culturally sensitive solution for breast milk donation that aligns with religious beliefs?

The What If? Cards




The Idea

Create 'Virtual Milk Shrines.' People can upload offerings in the form of stories, prayers, and wishes that are translated into comforting animations for babies worldwide. It's like meditating with an online spirit guide but milk-focused!

It's your turn! Get thinknadoed with your own wild ideas for magical-milk moments.

Let Me Do It!

Death to boring ideas! Thinknado will annihilate them with the fury of a thousand angry parrots.

Wait Why?

Wait…why are we stuck with formulaic problem solving?

Wait…why is it so hard to break the status quo?

Wait…why do we exercise our bodies but not our brains?


Maybe it’s possible to help people reject boring ideas and imagine creative possibilities that were previously invisible?

What If?

What if this tool was disguised as a game? What if this tool would make you an expert at “wrong” thinking?What if this tool was fun to play for all ages?

Try This.

Try this. It’s called Thinknado... like tornado. Imagine a twister of creativity in your skull. What could you possibly lose, except boring ideas.

Your path to riches, or at the very least, an entertaining downward spiral.

Choose your path

(3 ways to Thinknado...legally)

The App

The App

You won’t know what it does until you try it! This is some big time fun. We could explain it all day and tell you how great it is and how it works but that won’t help, really it won’t. We can promise you this, it’s interactive, it’s fast, it’s fun and you won’t regret it. Did I mention it’s free and comes with a money back guarantee. We will love you forever if you try it and let us know how you like it.

The App

The Toolkit

All of the above plus a box of cards and some instructions on how to make your next big idea the best it can be. Thinknado is a toolkit, it’s a pack of cards that is played like a game and it’s a motivator, all with the intent of bringing out your innermost creativity. You can use the toolkit, the cards and the game play solo or with a small or large group.

The App

The Workshops

Our workshops are a guided process. We Thinknado with you. You provide the participants and we bring the interaction using our Thinknado process. We will use a wide variety of exercises, tools and tricks and fun to amplify your ideas and can apply it to any project or challenge. After the workshop, you become part of the tribe - you will even get a name and become an official Thinknadik. We are a friendly bunch and we like to talk about creativity and innovation, so let’s chat.  

In the tangled jungle of mental quicksand, where ideas sink and creativity languishes, emerges the Thinknado app – a gleaming jar of cerebral peanut butter, slathering your synapses with the gooey goodness of unconventional wisdom!

Use Thinknado: Grow hair, be mostly sexier, and possibly attract confused birds!